Evolution of paper-based flipchart

We were looking for writing, drawing and distributing of conclusions from meetings and presentations. Paper flipcharts have been replaced by interactive boards.

REXAM is the leader between the top producers of consumer packaging. In order to keep its leading position, they need to flexibly respond to new requirements, current trends, competitive pressure and consumer as well as manufacturing changes. The main motive force towards meeting these requirements are the employees, who need to agree, as efficiently and quickly as possible, on next actions to be taken and on planned strategic changes.

At REXAM, this challenge is handled by integrating interactive tools to meetings, negotiations and training sessions. The ambition consisted in replacing the paper-based flipchart, which used to be widely employed during presentations and meetings as a tool for recording the approved actions and ideas. These materials should be shared with other departments or company management as soon as possible, which is not what the paper can offer. This is why the company management decided to purchase interactive SMART boards.

“Thanks to interactive tools provided by the new SMART board, we can far more effectively inform all the parties involved, and, moreover, they can more easily take part in the discussion. Our paper flipchart remains in the cabinet, while the electronic one in the form of the new interactive board is a favourite of all at REXAM,” says Petr Kuf, HR Manager.

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