Efficient employee training

The main objective of the training centre is to enhance the quality of education and to prepare an exciting curriculum for each course.

The central training facility of OKD, in which the company started to train their miners and other employees, is literally a revolution in the educational system of this mining company. Until recently, courses took place within the facilities of the individual mines or those of external trainers, where the main training information was based on materials on videotapes or educational films.

Today, OKD train their employees in their new central training facility within the premises of the Darkov mine. The centre is equipped with SMART interactive boards and internal TV systems located along the entrance areas. The internal TV screens show the schedules of training programmes in individual rooms. The employees can also see additional information on the upcoming activities by OKD or on news regarding occupational safety.

“I admit that initially I had some doubts about introducing interactive boards. However, as the time goes, I am realizing that my work and my overall training session is much more exciting and my preparation for the sessions much more straightforward,” says the trainer Jiří Kunčický.

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