Bringing Together Modern Technology in the New Premises of the Microsoft Corporation

The new customer zone at Microsoft provides its customers with a dynamic presentation of Microsoft products and solutions through advanced technology of the AV MEDIA Company.

The Czech branch of Microsoft and its Prague Skype development division moved to new premises in early October. When designing a new form office space, it was crucial for Microsoft to interconnection not only the design, but also functionality. So-called Hubs were used to connect elements on 4 floors, with co-working areas designed for meetings, collaboration, team activities and leisure. Each hub has a different theme, which employees picked themselves, and different design and functional elements. The hubs are connected by an open staircase that facilitates communication and sharing among teams. Variable work spaces designed for different types of individual activities at the hubs, like working in teams, meetings or unscheduled meetings.

Presenting products and IT solutions using modern AV technology

Microsoft’s new Customer Zone is used for both formal and informal meetings related to the pre- release of new products through the latest technology, where effectiveness becomes an instrument for the performance of key products of the company and for a better perception and brand building on the Czech market.

Microsoft Azure cloud solutions presented on an UHD Azure Wall wall

Microsoft Azure is growing set of integrated cloud services - analytical, computational, data- base, mobile, network, cloud and web based. The aim is to move faster, achieving better results and saving money. It is an excellent tool that meets all the needs of companies for integrating IT services. The new Microsoft Customer Area allows customers to get acquainted these cloud-based solution through presentations on the "Azure Wall".

The Azure Wall is a versatile presentation tool. It is a UHD wall (4 times more than the FULL HD) consisting of 16 LCDs, which can be rearranged to display the contents of four presentations at once. It is possible to present prepared content, even original content via a tablet. The Azure Wall has pre-set several scenarios depending on the profile under which the customer logs in with an assigned QR code. Technological extension of this wall is a Kinect sensing camera and a Panphonics sound system. Kinect allows more control of content presentation by motion sensing. Sixteen Kinect motion sensing cameras are also embedded in the ceiling of the customer area. These cameras sense motion data and the number of visitors, the noise, the characteristics of the visitors and transmits this data in real time on Azure wall

Ready content tailored to the customer

There are several information panels in the customer area, which are equipped with a QR code readers, where visitors can log into under their profile that generates the content of the presentation. The information panels are installed in the reception area, customer area, the "living room" and the gallery, which is part of the Customer zones. In the gallery is a smaller presentation wall, composed of 4 LCDs. This wall has similar presentation options like the Azure Wall, except that it cannot project multiple images simultaneously.

Building a brand through video mapping

A unique show begins in the evening in the form of video mapping, which is part of content presented on the Azure Wall and is projected on columns placed in the customer area. Video mapping is a special projection that arouses unexpected emotions. It is an ideal tool for building a brand. 

The living room is a space for both fun and work

CIn the middle of the customer zone is the Living Room, equipped with interactive technologies and applications for entertainment and work, which are key products introduced through the "show". There are five thematic areas available to customers: The Living Room, Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows, and OFLC. These themes are elaborated on three separate projection surfaces, each with different information on a given topic. The topics can be chosen by visitors using their QR code in the information panels.

When you say "show" each of us imagines light effects and music etc. In order to make this the most realistic possible in the small confines of the Living Room, special filters are installed in the glass which begin to darken when the “show begins and projections, light and sound effects begin.

In addition to the lights in the Living room there is a special Gobo projector, which not only allows lighting individual products that are displayed in the living room, but also screening of one of three different contents (using the CUE control system).

All covered by the unique V-Pass system

The uniqueness of the visitor V-PASS system is the continuous improvement based on the requirements of the operator, but also the visitor. V-PASS allows the visitors direct interaction with the visitor center and operators to easily manage content. Thanks to the QR code on the ticket, visitors can present a theme based on their profile. The novelty and uniqueness of this solution is that all data is stored in the cloud. This dynamic development of Microsoft cloud technologies was the biggest challenge that had to be faced. AV MEDIA and gained significant experience in the field of cloud solutions, demonstrating the power of new technological IT solutions, such as the IoT and Power BA/BI analytical tools. More about the visitor V-PASS system and its functions at

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