Sex Mission exposition at the iQLANDIA science centre in Liberec

The Sex Mission exposition answers questions you may be afraid to ask in an entertaining, yet sensitive way. It is the only exhibition of its kind in Europe.

Don’t be afraid to ask
The topic of sexuality, a matter of course for some, a taboo for others. The exposition is intended to educate on sexuality in a sensitive, yet entertaining way. It should answer any questions you may be afraid to ask or on which you may not know the explanation. The exposition has been prepared together with sexologists and child psychologists, and it is open for children over 12 years of age or accompanied by their parents.

Interactive exposition that will inspire you
Though the exposition deals with the sensitive topic of human sexuality, the space is designed in a way to make visitors feel comfortably. The visitors are guided through the exposition by Mr XY and Mrs XX. The centre of the exposition is the “mother’s womb”, serving as a relaxation zone. Experiencing the mother’s heartbeat, the visitors can follow the inception of life based on fertilization of egg. Next to the “mother's womb", interconnected sections ME, WE, THEM and TABOO are situated, enlivened by modern technologies, interactive exhibits, exciting architecture and, most importantly, contents created particularly for the exhibition.

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ME and WE sections
The ME section will take you through the development of individuals, from birth through to sexual maturity. Besides an impressive graphical design and exciting architectural exhibits, this part of exposition includes several interactive touch tables with contents created for the particular topic, designed specifically for the exposition in order to become its part not disturbing its look and feel. An interesting solution is the eye tracker technology. The visitors can see in an entertaining form where their looks are directed when confronted with a naked women.

The WE section examines above all the topic of sex. The visitors can use touch screens to try out erogenous zones of both women and men. Another attraction is an interactive floor, on which efficiency of contraception can be tested when playing a game. Information can be obtained in a very simple and entertaining manner. The interactive floor offers broad entertainment opportunities to the visitors. This part of the exposition also presents a highly emotional movie focused on homosexuality.

THEM and TABOO sections
In the THEM section visitors are introduced to the views and approaches that different nations, cultures and religions have about sex, and the TABOO section reveals the tabooed topics. Before finishing the exposition, you can test your freshly acquired knowledge.

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