Well balanced involvement

A quality presentation is unthinkable without the participants being interested and involved. Excitement and involvement are the basis for achieving results.

The management of ZAT were looking for communication tools enabling all their team members participate in internal meetings, discussions with clients and various training sessions. That is why they decided to purchase interactive boards, thanks to which all presentations and meetings are far more exciting and, above all, interactive.

The individual company’s departments employ both  professionals with many years of experience and graduates from universities bringing in innovative elements and modern approaches. All of them highly appreciate the use of interactive SMART boards. The first interactive board was introduced at the beginning of 2008, and presently the company makes use of six SMART interactive boards. Thanks to that, actually all the team members can take part in the discussions, and processes related to meeting minutes became more efficient, as well as the associated electronic distribution of approved comments and conclusions.

“Thanks to interactive boards, all the people involved including new members of the staff become interested. That is why these boards are really efficient. They are also valuable tools for the purpose of external training sessions and language courses,” adds Jaroslav Jančík, Asset Administration Manager.

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