Remote education

With contemporary communication technologies, there are always new prospects in education. Opportunities of remote education improve.

Customers have higher requirements on the number of offered courses, as well as on their high quality of content. It is closely associated with the knowledge and skills to be acquired by the participants. The Gopas IT school frequently receives requests on courses that should be arranged, if possible, immediately. However, the capacity of teachers and specialists in the particular fields is limited.

In order to be able to accommodate the requirements of their clients and, at the same time, to assure high quality services, the school decided to provide remote education between their branch offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

“This new approach to education had to meet several requirements. Most importantly, it was necessary to provide unrestricted social interaction between the teacher and the participants. This was a real challenge, as most of the courses take several days and the quality of encounters needed to be maintained even without the teacher being physically present. Another requirement consisted in involvement of all the participants and in making the work processes more efficient, which is related to the method of remote communication and presentation,” explains Andrej Meravý from Gopas.

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