Regular remote meetings

Presently we arrange most of our regular encounters between branch offices and other remote participants by videoconferences.

Linde Gas has been using videoconferences for over 4 years. The first requirement on a videoconference originated from our German headquarters attempting to reduce travel costs with the then coming economic recession. The videoconference equipment provided an efficient remote communication with all the subsidiaries.

The production and technological centre in Ostrava-Ropice communicates with other Linde Gas production centres worldwide. The subsidiary in Prague, on the other hand, communicates with that in Bratislava on the basis of regular weekly meetings, with the participants handling predominantly financial and organizational topics. A videoconference has also been used for training activities, during which the personnel got familiar with the new programme. Without a videoconference, such a training session would mean a whole-day trip to Prague for the Ostrava office.

“We try to plan our videoconference meetings by means of a reservation system. In that way we know when the meeting room is to be occupied and there is no need to reserve videoconferences from minute to minute,” says Radek Parthon from Linde Gas.

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