The answer is simple, it all lies in the work experience of the people and staff. If you understand how people work during the workday, week, month, you can tailor the work environment to suit their individual needs. For example, how do you make the most of workspaces that are designed for hybrid working (office work combined with remote working)?

In order to manage the overall process easily and clearly, you need to break down different types of work activities, such as coordinating with other people, team brainstorming, emailing, or making informal connections with colleagues and customers, etc. Think about the office as a whole, not just as a "work" space. Make sure the spaces are comfortable, people like to come back to them to discuss and think.

Encourage complex and creative teamwork. Pay attention to spaces outside of "traditional work" functions, as they are equally important for productivity. In today's new work environment where needs are constantly changing, flexible space design is essential. To make the right choices, you need to have a deep insight of what your people do and how they achieve it.

No matter how your people develop their hybrid working style, it is important that the business meets their needs. The final outcome is a smart and safe workspace that inspires not only individuals, but everyone else as well.

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