Quality of education and feedback

Obtaining a fast feedback during training sessions for customers and business partners is very important.

A typical training session within the educational network of JABLOTRON begins at 9 a.m. and ends around 4 p.m. That is quite a long time for the trainer to keep attention of all the participants. This is why the company was looking for a solution to enliven the training sessions. Already before, the trainers tried to address the audience with straightforward questions leading to their feedback. However, they never had an evaluation method available.

The company wished to methodically unify the training sessions of individual trainers so that each of them can pose the same questions, which can then be evaluated. For that reason, the company management decided to purchase the Turning Point polling equipment addressing all these requirements. “The training sessions are predominantly intended for technicians from beginners to advanced users and experts. Using the Turning Point polling tools, we were able to integrate the questions directly into the presentation. In that way, the overall course of polling can be finally evaluated and applied as feedback, which has the utmost importance for us,” explains Michal Ježek from JABLOTRON.

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