New way of portraying information

Our representative sales centre shows our customers our activities and products in a new shape.

SAPELI intended to create a place appropriate for presenting the entire product portfolio of the company. Participating in the project was the company PG Group, contributing to the structure and design arrangement of the overall product portfolio. AV MEDIA, on the other hand, proposed the technical solution and made a keyturn delivery of the most advanced audiovisual equipment. This collaboration led to developing a pleasant and thoughtfully arranged area for customers and business partners.

“The size of the entire space, the amount of the exhibited doors and the applied IT and AV technologies make the SAPELI CENTRUM product area the largest and most modern door product showroom in the Czech Republic. On 750 square meters, 75 models of door wings and frames are exhibited. The presentation is supported by one of the installed technical features – touch panels (imaging devices). The samples on touch panels are depicted in the same arrangement as the exhibited physical ones,” says Ota Meissner, Marketing Manager at SAPELI.

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