Sport festival HTC UL-LET 2015

The summer cinema in Ústí nad Labem welcomed the 5th annual UL-LET bike festival in the middle of May, offering an active way to spend the weekend for cyclists and spectators. The summer cinema in Ústí nad Labem wel

One of the largest summer cinemas in central Europe lies just a few metres from the centre of Ústí nad Labem, where the freerider organizers built a track for this year’s UL-LET. A total of 85 contestants had the possibility to test their strength in 3 cycling disciplines – downhill mountain biking, a duel (parallel downhill racing in pairs in artificial lighting) and XC Eliminator.

The main item on the agenda was undoubtedly the downhill race to the cinema area, where a 400-metre long track awaited the competitors, including several wooden barriers and banked curves, stairways and a final drop. The city track has a very specific diverse surface – gravel, dirt, asphalt, wood, concrete or even granite tiles.

A rich accompanying programme including live broadcasting of the hockey world championship

AV MEDIA Group, together with their sister company YVENTECH, provided the extraordinary experience, provided the sound system for the whole area, the lighting for the Ghost Dual Cup using 80 LED lights, supplied a large screen LED display and an inflatable AirScreen projection  measuring 12 x 6 metres. Spectators could follow not only the athletes on bikes but also the live broadcast of the hockey championship on the LED display and the inflatable screen after dusk.

The second face of the festival was revealed on Sunday – UL-LET children, which brought more than 10 programme stands and presented sports clubs and various leisure activities. In addition to the bike races from the youngest to the adults or the race to the top, participants at the event and the opportunity to watch a dance performance, a majorette show, an exhibition in trials, jumping shoes or parkour. The youngest had a grand time on an inflatable castle and the climbing centre. The purpose was to let children try different sports and find the one for them, which they can dedicate themselves to.

The diversity of the programme achieved a very positive response. More than 5000 visitors were attracted by the combination of the hockey world championship and the decent weather. Publicity for the event was provided by ČT sport. 3 articles were also published in Ústecký deník.

Read an article in Ústeckém deníku and watch a report in the ČT SPORT archive.

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