Does the future belong to millennials?

We look for solutions that create an energy-efficient world in our business, and strive to improve conditions that affect our health. Energy performance may be lower, while living comfort higher.

These are our values, which we are gradually improving on. Let’s look at an example where we use modern offices which are located in the tallest building in the Czech Republic, in the AZ Tower Brno building, where we all feel content..

“At the beginning we worked with several close colleagues. We tried to look for new business opportunities while changing the market by offering energy auditing services. In order to achieve partial success, it was a logical next step to widen the number of colleagues who know why wake up in the morning and why they go to work, because they need to change the world, do something that has a sense of meaning, a real impact on the environment,” said Jiří Pech at the start of the conversation..

Our team mainly consists of the Millennial generation. Among the most frequently asked questions during a job interview are which communication and technology tools do you use, how do your offices look and which colleagues will I work with?

People who leave school and enter the corporate world think differently. They are much better prepared and equipped for the digital world and yes, they expect something else from (team) work. They don’t want to work the same way as the rest of us do. They want something new, they need a different style of leadership and company than we do, and we must meet these requirements and wishes in order to adapt.

Plenty of companies still prefer a symmetrical world of open spaces, storing digital files on shared disks, pointless and unproductive organizational meetings and group discussions. Millennials talents are enticed by changing their own thinking, appropriately work spaces designed for teams (together) and work with modern communication tools and technologies.

“We designed the space so that the same technology would be in every room, which is primarily intended for teamwork, in order to easily and efficiently introduce new colleagues, as they have new information and presentation tools for practical use. Individual meeting rooms from the outset reflect the final character, whether it is used for meetings with clients, training or leadership meetings with remote participants. Each team member has a workplace which corresponds to his/her role and have adequate technology and equipment,” continued Mr. Pech. One of the smallest meeting rooms and common open spaces designated for cooperation are equipped with digital SMART Kapp flipcharts with the possibility of connecting to mobile device via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Text and visual observations created during joint discussions or brainstorming with customers and business partners can be instantly stored and shared e.g. by external technicians who are currently in the field. They have the information available to them in real time regardless of where they are located, but also on the devices that they are currently using (smart phone, tablet or laptop).

Another meeting room is intended for meetings between the management and team leaders, where we use a SMART Kapp iQ interactive display, on which we can share and edit visual notes from past meetings created on the digital flipchart mentioned before. We can easily and efficiently utilize archived digital documents and add other ideas, themes and visual observations.

We use a powerful SMART Kapp iQ Pro interactive display for teamwork in representative meeting rooms, on which we both share and edit text and visual observations from digital flipcharts, as well as digital files from Microsoft Office 365 and other applications located on the corporate server, cloud storage devices or directly from a laptop and PC.

The information LED panels at the front desk and in the kitchen help us communicate relevant information across the entire company, without having to write any group e-mails.

We ensure not only customer satisfaction, but we also respect the needs and wishes of our employees who directly influence the future of PKV. Thanks to our joint plans, we are creating a real profile of everyday reality. We want our young team to be the truly effective key to success In all respects, said Mr. Ondřej Vaněk , the Co-executive Director  of PKV when concluding our interview.

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