New Ways of Cooperating in Engineering

What interesting things does Microsoft Office 365 combined with an interactive SMART display provide? We see the greatest benefits to be teamwork and all employees being involved.

"After many decades, certain thought patterns prevailed in work styles in engineering, which TGS nastroje-stroje-technologicke sluzby spol. s r.o. calls thinking in the box. The majority of organizations working in engineering assume that the world we know today, will continue to operate the same or in a similar way. This is a big mistake. It's necessary to teach all employees to think differently in the 21 st century, both creatively and linearly and to find ways of working and cooperating in the broader context while seeking new opportunities, which even we did not know existed," said Adam Szabo, Authorized Agent atthe beginning of our interview.

“When selling a CNC portal for a few million Czech Crowns, you have to show your customers that you really are the right partner capable of providing comprehensive services, first-rate technology consulting, technical care and quality enthusiastic people, who have one thing in common − a satisfied customer,”added Mr. Jan Heryán, Senior Manager of Tool Sales.

To achieve this, we had to change too. Thanks inpart to our enhanced (inspirational) new premises, we created a working environment that motivates us to implement innovative ideas. It’s simply a space that we all look forward to and where we believe our values can come to fruition on how to bring life to design. In order to make individual work easier and simultaneously streamline collaboration for all cooperating teams, we decided to use Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, the Yammer social network and SMART kapp iQ Pro interactive displays throughout the company.

What interesting things does Microsoft Office 365 combined with an interactive SMART display provide? We see the greatest benefits to be teamwork and all employees being involved. We can share digital content on the large interactive display from the Microsoft Office platform, where we can insert visual comments and remarks into individual documents. In joint discussions we use visual communication and try to think visually.

“Experimental events (Inspired Collaboration) also played a significant role in selecting the final solution, were we were introduced to how best understand the challenges and opportunities of a new style of work and cooperation in the digital world via live demonstrations. At this event, we finally got clear answers to questions. For example, why not only teamwork among colleagues is important these days, but also with customers and business partners, who now require more advanced communication services and a completely different approach to business contracts,” Mr Szabó went on to add.

Another one of our requirements was digitalizing all shared content since it allows us greater flexibility, because up to 70% of our sales managers work with us emotely from their regions. No more endless searching confusing paper catalogues or opening digital documents from network drives − this is an outdated method. The new style of collaboration means you have access to digital content anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Business staff and other collaborators have the opportunity to instantly retrieve the latest documents and supplement them with additional notes or jot down visual remarks from their devices. We can use this processed data together at coordination and operational meetings, where we can arrange and edit them on a SMART interactive display. Thanks to this combination of these communication technologies, we can better define the opportunities that drive market growth and
overcome competitive pressures.

“We’re working to increase team work and common achievements in teams. We give people the space and freedom to do their jobs from anywhere and whenever using Microsoft platforms and SMART kapp iQ Pro interactive displays. We believe that changing thinking, digital literacy, creativity, flexibility and adaptability must become the priority of every successful organization, not only in engineering,” said Mr. Martin Čermák, HR Manager, when concluding our interview.

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