The New Škoda Superb is Unveiled in Tuscany

AV MEDIA realized another dynamic unveiling of a new vehicle for Škoda Auto, this time in the region of Florence in Italy.

Journalists from around the world had the opportunity to personally try out the driving performance of the new generation of the Škoda Superb. The dynamic presentation lasted nearly the whole month and was divided into three different localities. AV MEDIA ensured the comprehensive technical equipment at all three locations, including the installation and technical assistance throughout the whole event.

Various locations, various MOTERIZATION of vehicles

The journalists were introduced to the new vehicle immediately upon arrival at the airport in Florence, where they could test drive and test it out in the serpentine region on the way to the Icario vineyard. We lent four displays and set up the stage, the lighting and the sound, including the podium.

At the vineyard a design gallery was awaiting, where one type of new Škody Superb was exhibited among others, which introduced a 3D model impression outlining some of its details. Inside the buildings, which were located in a beautiful vineyard, another vehicle was displayed on a glass landing. Part of the exposition was the exhibition of the design, supported by audio-visual elements, which AV MEDIA lent. It involved supplying the lighting and Full HD projection with ultrasound speakers, which ensured that the sound from the projection did not disturb the whole room and could be heard only at the projection.

The last destination was the Borgo Scopeto Relais Hotel, where the journalists arrived at with more borrowed cars whose motorization were chosen at the Icario Vineyard. A so-called “pavilion” was built in the courtyard of the hotel, where a press conference introduced the details of the attributes of the new car and a discussion of the driving performance. For the stage we chose a 95” LCD display, LED lighting on three-ringed slats, the sound including the podium, radio interpreting, air conditioning and heating. In the evening the pavilion was lit by outdoor lighting. 

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