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Flexibility at work is the future

If the working relationship between more than 1,500 employees in the newly reconstructed building of the Komerční banka headquarters in Wenceslas Square is going to work well, it is necessary to communicate.

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Realization: 2018
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We have decided to design new modern standardized workspaces (modern meeting rooms) for these purposes, which enables us to meet our common goals and strategies in a simple way.

When designing the new spaces, we realized during the architectural study that work habits and the demands of people are different now than they were five years ago and the way we will communicate and collaborate in the next five years will be different than today.

In IT, we have created the FlexiWork brand that enables us to not have any physical or virtual boundaries or barriers that would separate employees between headquarter buildings or in relation to our customers.
Pavel Čermák, Infrastructure Architect

Opponents of remote working in the corporate world can argue that this makes it difficult to lead the people who work from home and monitor
their performance, for instance. This is a big mistake and a myth. It has to be tried out and the agreed-upon rules have to be adhered to.
Miroslav Celman, Project Manager

“In a rapidly changing digital world, we need to think more about the layout of workspaces and selecting the most appropriate communication technologies that will help people and organizations think clearly and innovate more quickly”, said Pavel Čermák, Infrastructure Architect at Komerční banka, a.s.

FlexiWork, or flexible work remotely, has been introduced at all levels as a positive business strategy that aims to increase performance and remind us that sitting in the office does not really equate to work. FlexiWork moves the emphasis from the physical presence to the real work at hand.

Flexi Work
Using Flexi Work does not only evaluate the amount of work from home, but we focus on the overall change of mind set – how to gradually develop and support a corporate culture that includes flexibility and allows employees to cope with both their work and personal lives.

By implementing flexibility, we primarily increase the proactivity and autonomy of our people, thus achieving higher productivity, innovation, collaboration and creativity. The key to success is to make sure people know what their goal is and let them find out how they can achieve it. Relying on a universal approach or one rule for different ways of working is not the proper way. Rather, it requires an overall change in the thinking and behaviour of each employee. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly and meaningfully use the tools, platforms and technologies that are designed for remote individual work or group collaboration.

Each of us has a certain degree of flexibility at Komerční banka, but we need to communicate continuously with each other to maximize our flexibility. For a flexible approach to work, we do not dictate when an employee should work, but we set out what we need and when we need it. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on whether the work is completed in a good and timely manner, and not to deal with how to do it on a
continuous basis.

The ability to work flexibly and at a distance are among the most important competencies of the 21st century.

Workers need to acquire new skills and change existing working habits to work flexibly. They must be able to think about what they need and define priorities in their work and their personal lives. At the same time, they have to become familiarized (preferably in the form of a real experience) with how and where to use modern technology to achieve the desired common goal in a practical way. Managers and team leaders today approach FlexiWork in a way that they can openly tell themselves and those surrounding them that they can effectively coordinate their remote teams and colleagues but also communicate flexibly with customers.

“People look at flexibility, remote working or working from home with a degree of scepticism and are unsure of what it actually brings. Until a flexible  approach to work becomes part of the corporate DNA, it will never be given enough attention. In the end, it will only be a missed opportunity. This is why it is crucial to think through, plan and continuously manage a flexible approach to work,” added Pavel Čermák at the end of the interview.

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