12th annual Project management conference

A hybrid conference can quickly respond to current changes and regulations.

Some circumstances just force you to make a hybrid event. It happened during the preparation of the 12th annual Project management conference in Cubex Centrum PrahaAt first, the participants were supposed to attend the conference in person, and we planned to connect only 20 to 30 people remotely of a total of 200.  The plans had to change at the last moment because of the evolving corona situation, and almost all participants registered remotely. 

Not only participants had to connect remotely but also speakers and guests of the panel discussion. We used the platforms ZOOM and MS Teams for the connection. For the first time, we tried the interpretation service offered by ZOOM. Therefore, the remote user simply switched the language he wanted to listen to in the application. 


The all-day conference offered several lectures, workshops, and discussions. There were also refreshments from the company InCatering, which followed NO-COVID rules. The great advantage of Cubex Centrum Prague is that we are able to react very quickly to the new changes and regulations. Cubex offers not only several solutions for social distancing conferences but also our AV VIRTUAL STUDIO.

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Do you want the same event?

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