The biggest conference about brands with the incredibly wide projection screen happened in October 2nd in 2019 in Cubex Center Prague, and welcomed about five hundreds marketers.

Conference focused on brand is organized by Blue Events agency every year for the marketing specialists, brand managers, marketing directors and for anybody else, who want to know how to develop and manage brands. The topic of the October conference was: “How to grow in new conditions”.

The main speaker was Jenni Romaniuk from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, international director of the best brand management research center on the world and co-author of the new bible of marketers How Brands Grow. Except her, representatives of the companies McCann Prague, Kofola, Red Media, Brown-Forman a so on, shared their experiences about building the brands.

As a bronze partner of conference, AV MEDIA EVENTS provided projection across the entire width of the hall. A several speakers used this projection for their presentation, and by this projection they engaged attention of an audience. The projection wall was an impressive 24 m wide and 4 m high.  The presentations had to meet the conditions for projection on the wider wall in resolution 5 888 x 1080. We gave to presenters the instructions for creating the presentationBefore the beginning of conference, we tested their presentations on four computer screens. Some speakers created only a picture or video in the high resolution, and we managed it by video server Milumin. By connecting of four projectors Panasonic DZ21, called “edge blending”, we created the incredible projection screen in resolution, which is equal to a movie projection. We used the processor E2 for managing of video.

For video from conference visit link: https://youtu.be/LU2pFUOrgGE 

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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