Innovation week 2021

We were repeatedly involved in the International Innovation Week conference, which took place with an accompanying programme throughout the Czech Republic. So which part was “ours” to provide? Of course, the conference in Cubex Centre Prague

We took care of the complete audiovisual handling of the entire event and, as is traditional at Cubex, we used the possibility of adapting the entire hall to the client’s colours. In the photo gallery, there is a beautiful example of how a combination of projection, intelligent lights and an RGB cubist ceiling can reshape the space to the client’s image, and not only in terms of colours!

The international conference showed the visitors new possibilities and innovations that today’s times offer. The programme was divided into three panels offering discussions among world experts.

In the first of them, Czech and foreign speakers gathered to talk about the so-called system restart. The primary topic was innovation in the post-Covid world. However, environmental innovation was not omitted, either; it was mentioned by speakers in other panels as well.

After a short coffee break, visitors could delve into the second panel, which was dedicated to integrating innovation into companies, digital transformation, and also the inclusion of AI in corporate processes. It turned out that companies need not be afraid of artificial intelligence – on the contrary, it can help them in many ways.

The last panel included only Czech participants, who discussed system restart, innovation and digitization in the post-Covid era.

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