Blue Events Celebrated Their 25th Anniversary with the Brand Management Conference

Our long-term partner, Blue Events, celebrated 25 years since the founding of the company. The celebration at the Brand Management conference was held in Slovanský dům at the end of September.

The leaders in Czech and international marketing management met at the Brand Management conference at Slovanský dům. Among them was Ken Segall, an experienced marketer who is best known for his twelve years working with Steve Jobs at Apple. As the keynote speaker at the conference he introduced his concept of magical simplicity and a new book entitled Think Simple.

The theme of this year’s professional conference How to Create an Irresistible Brand engaged interested brand managers and experts in managing and developing brands to such an extent that the hall of Slovanský dům in Prague was completely filled and the organizers from Blue Events had to stop the registration a few days before the event. Almost four hundred marketers intently listened to tales of irresistible brands, their growth and death, success stories and of those that arose from the ashes. You can already note the date of next year in your calendar, which will be held again in the Slavic House 20. 9. 2017.

AV MEDIA provided the projector and screen at the event, on which the presentations of individual speakers were shown. To facilitate the progress and continuity of the event, we also lent a preview display with a timer and light cue. EasyEvent was also used for mobile applications at the event, for which programme events, polls, reviews and much more was prepared for the participants. Registered guests could download the application several days before the event and could find out more information about what to expect, but also about the sponsors of the event. Since some speakers did not speak Czech, interpreter booths were located in the rear of the hall and conference participants were given a wireless receiver. After the conference, our engineers changed the set-up and prepared the sound system for the bands that accompanied the audience in the gala evening celebrating the 25th anniversary of Blue Events.

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Do you want a similar event?

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