Somnium Connect in our hybrid studio

One of the last events of 2021, which took place in our hybrid studio in the Prague Congress Centre, was the Somnium Connect.

The move to an online environment is undoubtedly a trend. But it is increasingly clear that remote meetings will not stop at Teams, Webex or Zoom in the future. Dynamic shifts encourage meetings directly in virtual reality (VR). And the Somnium Connect conference revolved around innovations in the field of VR products. 

VR fans can look forward to the latest headsets, allowing a much wider view for players and their avatars, or gloves that provide more realistic handling of virtual objects, and other important components inherent to virtual reality. 

We supplemented the fully equipped hybrid studio in the Prague Congress Centre with a dynamic stream of the entire event and added a camera crane so that remote viewers and their avatars on the virtual stage could enjoy the event as naturally as possible. 

We remotely connected a guest from the United States who joined the discussion during one of the blocks. A live musical performance transferred and performed by avatars directly in the virtual world was just another confirmation of the current possibilities.       

We would like to thank for the great inspirational event, thanks to which we all immersed ourselves in the world of virtual reality. 

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