Although it seems like the world stopped moving a year ago, many companies are still getting used to the online environment.

The transition from live events is often full of uncertainty and doubt. Live events are characterized by high audience participation, where moderators are used to lively interactions or immediate feedback. However, we are happy to show our clients that these conditions can be maintained and transformed into virtual events. Such an event can be broadcasted to two locations at the same time!

About the client

Our client Syngenta, an agrochemical company, focuses primarily on producing plant protection products and agricultural seeds.  Also, for this non-traditional processing of the event, we cooperated with the Šiška agency again. With whom we have also been organizing on-site conferences, filming and other events for Syngenta on a long-term basis.

This year, the company was forced to change the event concept. The conference was held online for the first time on the occasion of their twentieth anniversary.

Pre-recorded scenes as part of a live event

For virtual events, it is becoming common practice to create pre-recorded videos. Parts of the performances, lectures or commentary are pre-recorded before the event and are released during the live broadcast. This preparation method has many advantages - for example, performers can rehearse their performance several times without disrupting the live broadcast. Outputs can also be post-produced or variously edited as needed.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to travel to Slovakia when creating the pre-recorded footage. Therefore, the partner studio Hurricane in Bratislava helped us with one-third of the recordings. The other two-thirds were made in our oneAVstudio at Harfa in Prague.

We had also cooperated with the client on the script and concept of the whole event. Our director took care of the post-production and live broadcast in oneAVstudio.

Last-minute preparations

We had started preparing the event two months before the broadcast itself. It was the client's first online event, and there was no time to waste during the preparations. The conference was to be broadcast parallelly in two countries in two different language mutations for each audience. Technically, it was a highly demanding event. It was vital to have a fine-tuned combination of pre-recorded videos with live inputs.

Czechoslovak event for two audiences

The live broadcast took place from oneAVstudio at Harfa. The event was conceived as Slovak-Czech. The presentations were bilingual, and the videos also had subtitles. Two moderators had presented the audience for each country. Mr.Michael Szatmary represented Slovak Stream, and the Czech stream represented by Mr. Miloš Knor. Both of these gentlemen also perform during live conferences in each country, and the company cooperation is well established. Nevertheless, they have never met, and they worked together for the first time. Their chemistry had started working in an instant, and they perfectly tuned each other throughout the broadcast.


We handled the event via CDN and the EasyEvent platform for the two synchronous live streams to be broadcasted across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Due to the thorough preparation, which took place in a short time, the conference was an enormous success. Audiences in both countries had a marvellous experience.

It is imperative not to stay only with work matters during conferences, and it is good to sparkle up the event with some other non-business element.

During this conference, wine tasting was introduced in the studio and among the participants. Each registered participant received a package with tasty delicacies and was able to join the moderators not only visually but mainly in taste. These are essential elements adding a new dimension to the event, making the experience more pleasant for the spectator and increase the sense of belonging among all participants.

After the event, we received feedback through the production agency from the client: "Thanks a lot for the dedicated work and preparation of the conference. So far, I have only praise from all sides. Whether from customers or our managers. I am sure the hectic preparation was worth it, " Mrs.Danka said about the event.

Our director Mr.Tomáš also commented on the event: "I would like to thank the agency and the client for the trust they have placed in us. The agency provided a very nice graphic layout, and moderators greatly lightened professional presentations. We used a polling application during the event to ask and answer questions. We also managed to have a competition and tried wine tasting in the studio. It certainly is not true online events must be only serious and dull - on the contrary, event nowadays it is possible to invent an interesting, informative and fun conference!"

This event also proves that virtual events can be done in a fun and interactive manner, keeping the viewer's attention fully engaged and bringing an extraordinary experience - in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, wherever you wish. The virtual event knows no boundaries!

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