How we organized AVA Showcase?

Cooperation was essential during the pandemic. Many companies have adapted to the situation, and we also wanted to let the world know that we have managed the situation and still have something to offer.

How does the AV Alliance work, and why is it important to cooperate?

AV Alliance is a community of companies that offers easy access to professionals around the world. Alliance members can provide the latest technologies and services the client needs and turn events into an unforgettable experience through cooperation.

Especially today, connecting companies across countries is vital. The events can co-occur in several countries, and their connection breaks down international borders. Many companies do not have bases all over Europe, but we can still organize an event together that will be seen across continents. We help each other and participate in organizing events together to the client’s satisfaction.

We organized the AVA Showcase event because it is essential to stay in touch and bring new solutions to companies and clients. It usually takes place for companies from all over the world in a live model, but at this time, we chose remote connection. Therefore this worldwide meeting took place in a virtual environment.

The original version of this hybrid event eventually turned more into an online version. During the broadcast, two parts of a panel discussion were led by a moderator from a studio in London. One of the participants was in the studio, and the others were connected remotely. Companies attended the event from Poland, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom and other countries. Among other things, the future trends of hybrid events were discussed. We tried to explain what the hybrid and online format looks like, what it will bring to companies, and the benefits. An important part of the panel discussion was also strong sponsors - they illustrated the effects of the pandemic with their own eyes, and we learned what they were planning for the future.

We presented to the clients that we can supply professional services and products worldwide thanks to a community of companies. We can help each other, which is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries of meetings, which have been very limited for a long time. We will continue this cooperation, and we will have other joint events in the future, which we are already looking forward to. With the AV Alliance, no more restrictions await you!

How we organized the AVA Showcase

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