Elle Academy at oneAVstudio

This year’s virtual meeting of the ELLE Academy of our client Burda International CZ s.r.o. showed us once again that every detail matters and careful preparation will always bring the desired results.

OneAVstudio hosted the first of a series of online events that focused on personal branding and building.

Motivation was the word of the day. Several guests took turns in the studio, talking on topics related to personal or professional development, communication skills and orientation on social networks.


The event was preceded by several consultations with the director. The key conversations concerned the form of the entire event, the agenda, and last but not least, the move to the online environment. Visitors could register on the client’s web microsite. We provided players and streaming for the event, which we took care of in its course so that everything went smoothly and the viewers could fully enjoy quality content from the comfort of their own homes. We also used our CDN server in the studio.

Meticulous preparation included the selection of the background as well as the colour palette of the event. All the details were carefully coordinated, including the selection of the most suitable shade of the guests’ shirts. We confirmed once again that even small details can contribute to an effective and harmonious result.


Marketing manager Pavlína Louženská started the event with her opening speech. Janka Chudlíková and Petra Nuličková also came to share their knowledge, tips and experience at the conference. Presenter Soňa Porupková talked about visual and spoken expression. A great contribution enriching our knowledge of the LinkedIn social network was made by José Kadlec, who was not afraid to reveal what works on the network and what, on the contrary, is better to avoid. 

Virtual meeting full of ambitious women and motivational speakers brought mostly female viewers a lot of new, useful information, which they would be able to work with further, focusing on their personal brand in the future.

The series of online events does not end and we can already confirm another event on the topic of “How to discover and fully develop your potential”, on which we will work together.

"It makes me happy when the client is satisfied with our services, moreover, we were able to positively surprise him with the overall standard of the event. It met their goals, so we agreed on other events that would take place later this year,” our sales representative Lukáš said.

Satisfaction and future cooperation was also confirmed by the client: “At the same time, I would like to thank you and the entire team for the perfect execution of the event. We are already looking forward to the next time on June 22.”

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