Untraditional Christmas Webinar

Although some events are held repeatedly for our clients, and at first glance repetition can feel like a routine work for our technicians , there are yearly various innovations that refresh the events.

We have been organizing pre-Christmas webinars for one of our major clients for a few years. To this year´s "normal" arrangement, we added something new. We usually stream the webinar on one channel, but this time we had two active channels, and during the programme the attendees were able to switch between the two channels.

The main base was provided in our oneAVstudio on Harfa, from which the welcome speech was made, as well as the client's opening words. We have used reader technology to make this speech go smoothly.

This was followed by the first switch and split into the two channels. From the studio at Harfa, we broadcasted the so-called "business" part of the stream. The second studio was created directly at the client's headquarters. From there, the "technical" part of the stream was broadcasted. Because it is a corporate company, it was not possible to connect to their local network. But our technicians were able to solve this obstacle during the preparations, so the stream could be broadcasted without any incidents.

Each location had a director who ran the event. The technical teams were split up, but they worked perfectly together despite the distance and the change of scenery.

There was also time for a panel discussion during the event. Two guests were present in our studio and two were connected remotely. In the meantime, the switch-over between the two locations, which had to work without delay or technical difficulty, was already underway. We succeeded. During the stream,  the form of the set-up needed to be changed a few times, four technicians had approximately only three minutes to change the scenery but handled it without problems.

That did not leave our client cold, they watched the transformation straight from the studio in amazement. We were also pleased with the feedback we received after the event: "On behalf of the client, I would like to thank you very much again! The event went beyond our expectations, the cooperation with you was very pleasant and both of your teams did an excellent job and I would be delighted if you would convey a big thanks to them as well," Lenka wrote.

At last Jiří gave us feedback: "Thanks again very much for a very professional job and we look forward to another opportunity for you to show up. We'll figure out another special event for you again."

We also look forward to further collaboration and challenges that our clients might prepare for us. Further cooperation with this client awaits us in early April, we are already curious about the spirit of the next event.

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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