The conference EVENT(UALLY!)

The first hybrid event in KCP!

In cooperation with the Prague Congress Center, we provided technically a hybrid conference about future EVENT(UALLY!). This conference answered (not only) questions on how to cooperate and meet in these challenging times. Moreover, it was also focused on the organisation of events despite the current restrictions, how to use modern technologies and why not to cancel events because of government regulation. Attendees also discussed questions such as whether it will be even possible to meet face to face in the future or only via technology?   

The conference EVENT(UALLY!) was organized by ImpromptMe. Their product is a platform for hybrid conferences. That’s why this platform was used during the whole conference. We provided the production and streaming of the conference in cooperation with CCP. Most of the speakers were present in the studio. However, four guests were connected remotely, and one of them even from the USA.  All participants attended the conference remotely from their PC. Some of the guests presented their presentations, and then there was a panel discussion between the present and distant guests. Our CEO Jan Kubinec was among the guests, and he spoke about the topic of hybrid and virtual future.   

We already installed an LED screen with decorationsound, and lights in the studio. We only added a video directing and camera chains. It took only six weeks from the first idea to the streaming, therefore we are proud of our oneAVteamthat they managed everything in time and in great quality. Studio in CCP offer an excellent background for organizing hybrid events, and we are looking forward to another event!

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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