Back to Business in the new oneAVstudio

On September 9 and 10, 2021, an inspiring meeting called Back to Business took place in the premises of our new oneAVstudio. We presented the possibilities of studios with LED and green screen to our customers, guided them through the director’s room and presented a new event platform

Events announced to be back to business at the end of August, so we prepared an inspiring meeting for our customers on this very topic. The event industry has experienced some minor recovery and still no one knows what the fall season will look like. But we at AV MEDIA EVENTS are ready for anything. Whether you wish to hold a live, hybrid or online event.

We welcomed our customers in the brand new oneAVstudio in Harfa. And how was the studio expanded? By one more studio! Now you can find one studio with an LED wall, 16.5 m long, and a new studio with a green screen, known primarily as oneAVstudioXR. It offers an area of 8x7 m, able to host up to four speakers. An event on a green background can look as you wish! Get inspired by our showreel.

In the LED studio you could meet our new helpers – a griffin and an alien. They helped us with a demonstration of Augmented Reality (AR), known in Czech as extended reality or augmented reality, enriching the real world with digitally created elements. In the case of a presentation, it can be interactive charts or anything else you need to show your audience in an interesting way. And the LED studio does not have to be boring, either!

What happens in the studio and what the viewer can see depends mainly on the teamwork of those who sit in the director’s room. Lighting technician, sound engineer, director - that’s just the core team. We let customers look behind the scene of the event, which we like to call air traffic control, because when you put on a headset and hear the conversation between the team, it feels like you are in the middle of a big show. “The countdown is on, get the jingle ready. We start the jingle and go wide. Detail to the moderator and start the title…” In short, the director is the alpha and omega of every virtual event; he/she will advise you on the dramaturgy and help you create a scenario that takes place in a studio differently than at a live event.

The last stop was at our new event platform oneAVstream, which accompanied the participants from the beginning of the event so that they could try and test it live. OneAVstream serves as a microsite, registration application, sends out invitations, checks the authorized access of participants to online and offline video content and engages them with interactive functions.

Are you interested in these topics in more depth? You can look forward to what we have next in line. We will discuss the topics separately in our blog posts.


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