The first on-line stream for Marie Claire

We get a lot of questions from our clients with any sort of requests.

Lately it has been mostly questions to smoothly move to the on-line world, in which everyone is learning how to organize virtual webinars, conferences and other on-line events.

The two-day long conference from our client took place in the last week of November in our oneAVstudio. „Better together“ was the motto of the conference which was the main theme in the discussions, focused on the women in business.

The first day was mainly filled with lectures and panel discussions about communication, success, or equality not only at work, but also in the family environment. Many speakers talked about equality, women working in big companies spoke about their experiences. One of the speakers was Iva Pazderková, who talked about communication in relationships. On the second day there was an option for attendees to participate in interactive lectures, which were focused on helping attendees in their self-growth.

It was the first on-line event for our client, which is why we took our time and focused on the preparations of the script and helped with the organization of the event. Our director helped the client during the preparations, but also on the day of the event he added a few important notes to the script and informed the client about the course of the event, so that everything was just perfect

The stream was visited by a thousand attendees. The stream took place on a save CDN server and apart from the equipment of our studio we ensured a microsite on which the event took place.

The thing that was special about this event was the duration and the visualisation – a two-day long event in the studio with different set-ups. The scene changed multiple times, with moving chairs, placement of speakers and more.

The director did a great job, a pleasant coworking and provided beautiful backgrounds for the LED screens.

The client was satisfied with the work we provided and was happy with the experiences with on-line events he gained with us.

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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