Office DEPOT for the first time virtually

The importance of our system of preparation and management of remotely connected guests from various countries for the smooth running of the virtual event was confirmed by the business conference of the Office Depot

We took this conference in an online environment place this year for the first time

Our long-term cooperation with customers in the field of AV technology integration motivated the Office DEPOT customer to consult for the first time in terms of the possibility of organizing their planned virtual event with our event team.

We prepared a comprehensive concept of the event in a virtual space based on the client's needs analysis. We inspired the client with the possibilities of our studios and by many already held virtual events.

Thanks to clearly structured outlined steps before - during, and after the event, we clearly demonstrated to our client that we could walk through all phases with ease. The dramaturgy of the entire event, preparation of all documents, writing the script, online course and broadcasting, final data analysis, reporting and recording, do not have to be complicated thanks to our sophisticated concept and a professional team.


During the four-month preparations, we discussed several times in what format this event will be organized. Due to the constrictions at the time and the most significant number of advantages, we finally settled on centralized broadcasting from the secure environment of the Cubex virtual studio.

We took care of all the services before the event. We created a registration microsite where visitors got registered, then received confirmation and login information. Also, all the information about the event was available on that platform.

To unify the entire broadcasting process, it was essential to create complete graphic materials that accompanied the whole event throughout. Whether it's the graphics in the studio's background, countdowns announcing the beginning of the event, subtitles that list the speakers in the broadcast, or jingles for the individual presentation blocks - everything had to fit together.

The interaction, which must not be missed at any online conference, during which you wish to keep the attention of a remote audience, took place directly on the event microsite platform. Remote viewers participated in the course of events through chat, Q&A and competitions.

Due to the internationally participating guests, an interpreting hub was also used. That provided the possibility of interpreting the entire event from Czech into English, real-time and directly from the studio. The English listeners had the opportunity to choose a preferential language channel within the event microsite and enjoy the excellent quality of translation without the noise, and unnecessary disturbance successfully eliminated through translation hub and audio corrections.


The event was divided into two main parts.

The first part, called the "conference," was focused on communicating the company's results over the past year. We also looked into the future planning and mentioned the critical information about the vision and strategy for the coming years. In the online version, we paid particular attention to the correct handling of shared content, the attractive graphic layout of presentation windows, the readability of the presented content and the dynamics of views transmitted from the studio, making the broadcast interesting for the viewer.

The second part, dedicated to the announcement of the categories "Best employee of the company," was the culmination of the whole event, which all participants were eagerly awaiting. We gradually connected the winner of each category remotely, and also prepared an audio-video speech for his/her address so that each winner would interactively appear in animated 3D windows, cards floating in a virtual studio. The revelation of the winners of the individual categories was accompanied by other studio 3D effects of falling confetti, card rotations and ceremonial orchestra audio, which gave the announcement the right atmosphere.

The company's CEO was the events' moderator, who 300 connected spectators accompanied.

"I would like to thank you very much for your effort. I believe you had enjoyed it with us somewhat unique final outcome, even better than you are used to in similar projects. I believe it was not the last project".  The client told us after the event.

Preparation of the event well in advance, throughout needs analysis, recommendations and the proper selection of the suitable online options, fearlessness of the customer and a professional technical team. All this led to complete customers' satisfaction and our enthusiasm about the successful event. We are already looking forward to further cooperation.

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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