Our studios are widely used for virtual events nowadays. That is currently the only way how not to cancel your events, but only to move them to another environment. There is no need to travel to Prague, we can also

KRKA, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies organized a symposium which should take place live in October in the Brno villa called Löw Beer. Because of the virus it was understandably moved to later date and in the end, to the virtual space. The whole symposium was broadcasted directly from the villa in the first week of November.

We recorded a short invitation for participants in our oneAVstudio at Harfa during the preparations for the event. A day after, we fulfilled a special request of our client – we recorded a scene with a drone which flew from the outside directly into the hall of the villa.

Symposium was broadcasted via special microsite made for the event. Visitors connected to the conference by using unique codes they received before the event.

Thanks to the codes, visitors could subscribe the broadcast safely and without any problems. The  studio, including the AV Control Desk, was built directly in the villa and the participants were connected online.

The client was satisfied with the event and the preparation. We look forward to possible further cooperation in the future!

Watch the video of the drone fly-by

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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