Broadcasting for Radio Free Europe from our oneAVstudio

A discussion hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was filmed in our oneAVstudio. The topic was a discussion on the 2nd anniversary of the Taliban's seizure of power in Afghanistan.
OneAVstudio was equipped with five URSA studio cameras, one PTZ robotic camera and a teleprompter. The LED wall also displayed a remotely connected respondent in addition to the graphic content supplied by the client.

The adjacent GS studio had seating for 20 spectators who could actively participate with their questions during the debate .The greenscreen area of the studio was covered with Pipe & Drape system and illuminated in colour.
The programme was filmed in Dari and Pashto, which was a great challenge especially for the camera editor.
We thank not only the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, but also the professional cameramen and editor from CS live s.r.o., with whom we worked on the event.

Photos: Stanislav Milata

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