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Hybrid conference for AVON

We organized the traditional conference as a hybrid event for 1,000 people!

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Realization: 2020
Category: Events

Every year the AVON cosmetics company traditionally organizes a conference for about 1,000 participants where it presents news and meets with customers. The current situation did not allow to realize the event for thousands of people. AVON decided to organize the conference as a virtual event. It was a challenge for our team, as the task was to reach the same number of people as at a live conference and keep their attention online.

For this virtual conference we chose our oneAVstudio. The conference was moderated live by Libor Bouček from the studio. Program was divided into two days and always lasted 4 hours. On the first day the conference was intended for the Czech participants (a total of 450 remotely connected people) and the second day for Slovak participants (a total of 420 remotely connected people). It was important to choose the right form of content to keep all participants interested during the event. That is why a competition was announced at the beginning of the conference. Participants received 10 competition questions for which they collected points during the broadcast.

We continuously displayed the ranking and in the end the participants with the highest number of points won prizes. We handled the stream from the studio via a secure server where the participants had their own unique code and by this code they collected points in the competition. The entire streaming interface was custom-programmed for AVON including the application, competition, graphics and microsite production. Technologically, the studio met the best conditions for a quality stream. We also installed a fog machine and effect lights thus trying to transfer the atmosphere of a live event to the online world. For the participants broadcast on the screen seemed more like a real show.

In addition to the technological provision of the entire conference, we ensured compliance with all hygienic rules in this complicated time. Veils, shields, rubber gloves, ionizing air purifier "AiroDoctor“ and disinfection on literally every corner contributed to the fact that the client had nothing to worry about.

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