Anifilm 2016: Where is my Home?

Třeboň has become the host of the world-famous festival of animated films for the seventh time, which this year was attended by more than 27,000 spectators and AV MEDIA was also a proud partner this year.

At the beginning of May, Třeboň became the focus of attention of lovers of animated films. And there was really something to see at this year’s Anifilm - the festival was attended by over 1,000 industry professionals, with 142 films competing in seven categories. Nearly four hundred films were also screened in the accompanying programmes, where there were dozens of workshops, lectures and presentations, three exhibitions, three theatre performances and eleven bands.

As this year’s Where is my Home? subtitle suggests, the accompanying programme this year at Anifest was dedicated to the controversial phenomenon of migration. According to the organizers, this was not just a reaction to the current waves of migration - Anifest addressed issues of human identity, searching for roots and the transience of geographical boundaries. Visitors during the festival could personally meet many artists who for various reasons left their homes and how this change is reflected in their works. These included the famous animator and Czech émigré Paul Fierlinger or the Iranian director Nourredine Zarrinkelka in the USA. There was also a rich programme of talks reflecting the various aspects of migration.

The festival aims to popularize animated film in cultural, economic and social spheres, while trying to preserve the cultural heritage of Czech animated film. There was also an exhibition and many films focusing on Czech puppets. Although at first glance Anifilm is designed especially for children, it is annually attended by many film professionals and students. It is a key area for positive confrontation and establishing new contacts between film professionals from around the world.

According to experts, Anifilm ranks among the ten leading shows of its kind in the world, where you can see the latest trends, techniques, technologies, and animation techniques every year. AV MEDIA as a partner of the festival took care of the complex audio-visual experience and technology to ensure the smooth running of the event. We provided all the equipment for all four theatres, and one open-air screening at the Masaryk Square. Among many other items, we rented three special DCP (Digital Cinema Package) cinema projectors and took care of the complete sound at the screening locations. 

If you missed Anifilm this year, you can look at some video screenings at and start looking forward with us to the next edition of the festival in Třeboň.

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