Filming of the Atlantic Crossing TV series

In June 2019 we were delighted to be a part of filming the new historic TV series called Atlantic Crossing. It maps the life of Marta, the Norwegian Crown Princess.

After the successes of series about the British Queens Elizabeth II (The Crown) and Victoria (Victoria) in 2020 will enrich the drama series offer another work of a similar focus. This time, however, from the Norwegian history. The first season of the series will show the dramatic years of the World War II.

Princess Marta was born in 1901 to the younger brother of the Swedish King Gustav V and Princess Ingeborg of Denmark. During the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, she became engaged to her cousin Olav, successor to the Norwegian throne. A year later they got married. In addition to strengthening the relationship of Sweden and Norway, it was also an act of love, which subsequently during the war years had to go through many pitfalls. The royal couple actively participated, although being in exile, in the defense of their country occupied by Nazi Germany.

So, what did we help Norwegian production with? With the footage of the actors driving in a historic car when it´s necessary to show the environment behind the windows of the car credibly. For shooting with a veteran car was chosen the rear projection technology.

We used 4 large screens with a rear-projection surface, 4 Panasonic DZ21 projectors with short lenses and one Panasonic RZ970 laser projector to illustrate glare on the car body. For the signal processing production team demanded Barco S3 event master processor.

The series is co-produced by the Czech company SIRENA Film.

More about series at IMDB

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