OTG Group Business Conference

OTG Group organised a business conference for their partners in the spaces of NTC in Bratislava.

2000 visitors took part in the two-and-a-half day programme, which included announcing successful businesspersons.

Last years’ conference took place in Hungary, while this year it is being held in June, the first time in Slovakia. The organisers wanted to move the event a bit later and engage the visitors with spectacular projections.  The main feature of the whole conference was the projection with an area of 28,6 x 5,8 m. As per the needs of the conference, the area was divided into three independent images accompanied with animations.

AV MEDIA provided complete technical support for the whole event, including projection with an area measuring 28,6 x 5,8 m, three Panasonic DZ21 projectors, two Coolux servers, video recording and complete technical assistance.


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