This year’s 23rd annual Retail Summit was the most successful one yet in terms of attendance. Over 1,500 company and institution representatives attended the meetings which were held over the course of 3 days.

Over a thousand attendees of the 2017 Retail Summit, which took place between 30 Jan – 1 Feb in Prague’s Clarion Congress Hotel, had an intensive discussion on how to continue operating in a market where traditional boundaries are disappearing. The digital transformation has enabled customers to shop wherever, whenever and however. The 23rd annual Retail Summit dealt with many interesting topics which overlap internationally and so the visitors had a chance to listen to speakers from both Czech and international retail scenes.

Much like in the previous years, significant awards were given to the most successful businessmen at the Retail Summit – the Businessman of the Year 2016 awards were awarded during the gala ceremony under the auspices of Mastercard. The gala was hosted by Martina Kociánová and the accompanying programme offered performances by Czech Brass, Ráchel Skleníčková, a blind pianist; and Tomáš Klus.


AV MEDIA traditionally secured the whole event technically and technologically, as it not only equipped the main hall, but also 3 other smaller halls, where workshops and discussions took place the next day.

The main hall was prepared in a way where it was always possible to split it into two individual halls with their own projection and direction. The entire main hall was then dominated by a total of 8 individual projections which together took up an area of 204 m2. The six main projections could be connected into one large projection thanks to Coolux or used as 6 individual projections. The other 2 supporting projections were used for the presentations of conference partners. In order to dispatch all content including the bilingual presentations, we connected Coolux to a Barco E2 switcher.

AV MEDIA then also took care of interpretation into English, votingcamera recording, sound system installation and the lighting which complemented the atmosphere of the hall nicely. The stage was equipped with a lectern with plasma, microphones for the panellists, four preview screens and a timer.

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