Retail Summit Conference 2013

The nineteenth annual Retail Summit Conference took place at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague at the beginning of February.

Some of the most important players on the retail market in Central Europe meet at the Retail Summit and discuss the possibilities and ideal conditions for business in the Central European market. During the entire conference, nearly one hundred speakers took turns discussing the future and business possibilities at this difficult time, marked by the recent global economic crisis.

AV MEDIA – a Reliable Partner for Technology

AV MEDIA provided the technical and technological resources for the entire event for the fourth consecutive year, completely equipping not only the main hall, but also 4 other small halls where various workshops and discussions took place the following day. A panoramic projection measuring 28.5 x 6m was installed in the main hall, where a further with two other screens were connected. The panoramic projection was enjoyed by a record number of participants as a perfect experience, fulfilling the expectations of not only the organizers of the entire event, Blue Events, but also all partners who were aided in communication their business vision of their companies in such a distinctive way. New this year was the addition of haze light technology, which pleasantly created the atmosphere in the hall.


  • 3 × Full HD Panasonic DZ 21 with an output of 20 000ANSI lm projectors
  • 2 × Full HD Panasonic DZ 6710 with an output of 6 000ANSI lm projectors
  • 1 × screen measuring 28,5 x 6m
  • 2 × screens measuring 6,6 x 3,8m
  • Full HD camera system
  • 3 × media server Coolox ST
  • 42 × rotary heads (Robe Beam; Robe Led wash 600, 1200; Robe 700 spot)
  • 35 × action spotlights
  • Interpretion to three world languages - 600
  • Ballots 600
  • 22 kW output sound system

Retail Summit 2013 Was Focused on the Future and Technological Revolution

More than 900 participants visited this year’s Retail Summit, which is the best result for the last 19 years. The composition was very diverse, but it was mainly representatives from trade and manufacturing consumer goods, but also advisors and manufacturers of information and communication technologies, which help retailers keep their customers.

The topics of the discussion were divers, ranging from understanding consumer needs, to price wars between retailers as well as on how technology will impact the future.

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