Shooting T-MOBILE’s Advertisement Campaign

The Christmas atmosphere, the emotion, the astonishment, the moment of how the magnificent show could be described, which was accompanied by shooting a new advertisement campaign for T-MOBILE.

The ad campaign, designed to reach out to today’s younger generation, managed something unexpected; it enthused them and literally caused “mobile madness” among teenagers.

Trends of the “Digital Age”

There is no doubt that the “digital age” has become involved in our lives and changes our habits. The speed with which computer technology has been transferred from research institutes to households was unpredictable. Which of our parents who used to wait for years for a connection to a fixed line phone would have guessed that in just “a few” years they would be carrying “smart phones”? Today’s young generation has grown up with new technology…
For this generation, television is too slow, a relic of a bygone era. The only thing this medium can offer is a “programme library” available whenever they want to view it. Why should we let them dictate when we should watch something, when we can simply “download” it or watch it online via the most frequently used devices nowadays like the iPad? The fundamental changes in the use of technology and how this generation perceives communication have also changed the way of reaching these “viewers” with advertising. It is no longer easy to reach the younger generation. It is necessary to break into their “world” using digital technology and “produce” everything so that it is possible to reach them with advertising even in this new setting.

The global telephone operator T-Mobile understood very well that if they wanted to reach out to a new generation of its users, they must respect their way of viewing media and steer their advertising campaigns towards a new, more modern form. It was necessary to create a reason for the viewers to actively share the indirect advertising, ideally in the form of viral videos.

Holographic Broadcasting

Production was first looking for appropriate technology to broadcast famous stars in city squares and share the experience with thousands of people. A “holographic” system was chosen in the end based on a projector system and semi-translucent mirrors. This is not holography in the sense of coherent LASER beams is use with exposed photosensitive materials. In this case the term “holographic” means a point-of-view dependent projection illusion of 3D spaces without glasses.
Specifically, this involves the use of a stage trick also known under the name of “Pepper's Ghost Effect”. This effect first appeared in 1862 as a special “wow effect” for theatre shows. Therefore, in order for this scenic trick to work, it was necessary to follow certain rules very carefully. For example, the background of the projection should have proper lighting and darkened when possible so it is not “given away” by the mirror. This trick is point-of-view dependent, meaning it is important to ensure the audience does not see the projection too closely or from the side. For T-Mobile’s event, a special semi-translucent stage in the shape of a gift box was chosen, and thus managed to fulfil virtually all of the demands of “hologram projection”.

Even the Most Difficult Tasks Have Solutions

The Saachi and Saachi agency received a formidable task- share the message “T-Mobile allows users from around the world to share their experiences”. The agency came up with a very creative solution for implementing this. Using some “shocking” new technology we would transmit a concert of famous artists to a few countries simultaneously. Final responsibility for making the final arrangements for this end was the London-based Radical Media. In the end, as it was the Christmas season, Mariah Carey and five European countries (Poland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro) were chosen. We brought a Christmas concert to these countries with this singer using “hologram projection”. The show was organized in one instant in the middle of the attractive squares chosen in such a way as to attract young people who would immediately share their experiences on social networks. The whole campaign was real; the entire show (in the countries) would be mutually transmitted so the audiences could see the events not only from their own squares, but also from the other cities. The corresponding emotions were immediately filmed on location and an advertising spot was created for each country involved after a mere 48 hours from the event.

5,4,3,2,1 and action...

Implementing the whole show was organizationally and technically very demanding. It was necessary to transport the technology to the sites 2 days before the events began. A season-appropriate “box” was built in the squares with a surprise, in such a way that it was not possible to detect its secret. The box remained closed throughout this period, and all work had to be carried out inside the box. Everything was prepared with the knowledge that the event could not be repeated again.
On the eve of the show a countdown started and the passer-byers were notified about the coming event. It was possible to send text messages on surrounding projections. Thousands of people gathered in the squares shortly before dusk. The painted gift boxes (including a ribbon) suggested something big was to come. All of the sudden, a limousine arrived, from which a covered person stepped out of and “disappeared” into the box. The moderator “warmed up” the audience and prepared them for the extraordinary event. The countdown finished…thousands were waiting. The director started the show, the box slowly opened and the music started playing. All of a sudden Mariah Carey appeared in the middle of the “stage” and the box and welcomed all participants to this spectacular show. She sang, the crowd went wild, filming, sharing and chatting. Suddenly, Mariah turned to the crowd and addressed one of the participants. They responded and they communicate with one another. The crowd absolutely believed that the star was there with them. After the third song, however, the singer declared “Do you like magic tricks? T-Mobile has brought you one...,” and using the VFX trick she exploded into a particle effect called “feathers”. The crowd went wild and were looking for the singer. After a moment, the singer “returned” using the same effect, in a new wardrobe and proclaimed it was a “transfer’ to more countries. An image from other countries appeared on the surrounding projections. Everyone was dancing and singing to the same songs.  The crowd was wild, filming, video texting, texting….. in the end the concert finished, the box closed back up and the show continued on in the hands of the moderator….ca


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