SingularityU Czech Summit 2019

After a year, the successful SingularityU Czech Summit returned to Prague to present visionaries from around the world for the second time.

Masters from Singularity University met on one stage with Central European leaders and innovators.

The event, which lasted from 1 to 2 April, took place in Prague's Žofín. The main stars were e.g. Oxford professor Julian Savulescu, who spoke about the limits of science, and South African businessman Taddy Blecher, who founded universities for poor and disadvantaged children in Africa. “Everybody is interested in how we live in the future, but few people can distinguish credible information from internet fabulations. The Singularity Summit is therefore a unique opportunity to separate the grain from the weeds,” commented one of this year's speakers, creative producer Yemi A.D.

Throughout the two days, visitors were able to listen to the experiences and advice of Silicon Valley experts on technologies and systems for exponential growth, and to see the implications of rapid technology development for our planet. They also presented groundbreaking discoveries not only in Central Europe. It was such a unique opportunity to listen to experts from the ranks of neuroscience, genetics, or big data from other fields.

Singularity University is a global education and innovation community that uses technology to address the biggest challenges from around the world, allowing individuals and organizations to learn to join their ideas to create breakthrough solutions and innovations.

We used the BOSCH digital interpreting system at the event. We started building the whole technique, which was over 16 tons, at midnight… and at 4 PM technical tests were already underway!

Technical parameters:

  • 2x curved LED wall (6x4 and 8x4m) of Gloshine 3.9mm
  • 1x LED perimeter 14x1m from Gloshine LEGEND 3.9mm from meter parts
Lights (all ROBE):
  • Front lights: 4x BMFL Blade
  • Effect: 16x LEDBEAM 150, 8x spot MMX Blade, 8x wash Spiider, 16x Robin 600 LEDWASH
  • Light panel GRAND MA2 lite
SOUND (all L‘acoustic):
  • Main P.A: 2x SYVA
  • Delay: 2X12
  • SUBs: 4x SB18
  • Monitors: 2x X8
  • Amplifiers: 4x LA4
  • Sound console: Yamaha QL5, stagebox RIO 32-24 D2
  • Shure ULXD digital wireless transmission with DPA microphones D: vote 4099
  • Cab and digital interpreting system BOSCH

Photo: JAD Productions

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