The Inspiring Conference TEDxPrague

The inspiring fourth-annual TEDxPrague conference took place at the Prague hall Na Folimance with a subheading this year entitled “over the borders”.

“TEDxPrague is a locally organised meeting, created four years ago in the spirit of the original Californian TED talks. It is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading” and it is organised by a team of volunteers according to rules complying with the organizers of thousands of TEDx conferences all over the world."

AV MEDIA has become a partner of this unique event, which more than 800 participants have visited, by providing the complete technical support for the entire event. We provided 2 projection screens and an interpreting system at this all-day conference. We also ensured the stage and the complete sound system and lighting for the entire hall, including technical assistance for the entire period of the conference.

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