Conference of a German pharma company

An international conference for employees of one of a German pharma company was held at the Industrial Palace in Prague in the middle of January.

How does the business consultant Martina Blažková see this event?

No business consultant could ask for anything better at the beginning of the New Year and perhaps even greater: 1,560 participants, 3 locations at once and a 5-day rental of AV equipment. Even when signing the contract in November 2015, project manager Michal Štěpánek and I knew that December and Christmas time would be without a well-deserved rest after the autumn season. Nevertheless, we wanted to try and devote maximum attention to this.

E-team, a German professional agency with about 30-member representation, asked us to ensure the event technologically. Throughout the course of the meetings, we persuaded them that AV MEDIA, a local supplier, could best handle the whole event. We did not want to disappoint our long-term partner Senator Travel as well, who recommended us and ensured the event on site. We wanted to show everybody that we are the best possible option, even better than the German technology companies.

The main part of the conference was held in the Industrial Palace in Prague. On the second day, participants were divided into several groups. One of them continued at the Marriott Hotel in the same style as the news broadcast on German television station RTL. Another group with more than 500 participants spent the afternoon and evening in the Žofín Palace in Prague, where in addition to the educational part there was a rich accompanying program (a band, DJ, dance groups and magicians).

Providing comprehensive technological solution at the Industrial Palace

The concept of the Industrial Palace was based on a stunning projection with a length of 66 meters and a height of 5.1 meters. A drawback of this location and the chosen concept was that there are only minimal attachment points for hanging the necessary technology at the Industrial Palace. It was necessary to hang a total of 18 PAN DZ21 projectors with the real magic 300,000 ANSI.

The whole scene, including the backdrop which measured about 95 x 7m, had to be designed as a self-supporting structure, which was done by the project design manager Lukáš Foniok from RentalPro. A total of 500 m of truss constructions was used, weighing over 50 tons.

The whole scene was illuminated by a total of 135 Robe lights, accompanied by dozens of static lights. The whole event lighting was arranged by Peter Jurko.

The NEXO STM sound system, provided by our daughter company, Rental Pro, took care of the sound. The sound system for this hall was challenging due to the echo, but sound engineer Pavel Vojta from RentalPro designed the system, as he is well-known for designing sound systems for demanding spaces and top rate concerts.

The entire video was prepared and attended to by Josef Bartko, Milan Vacek and Ondřej Volák.

In conclusion, a few hard statistics that will help future organizers who would like to implement a similar concept in exhibition grounds in Prague:

  • Building the event: 48 hours
  • The average temperature on the day of the event: under 13 °C (in places for lunch and snacks it was 0,8 °C)
  • Testing took: 12 hours
  • The event lasted: 4 hours
  • The event was dismantled: 10 hours
  • In the 4 days at the Industrial Palace we walked: 61 km (technicians and project managers nearly 80km)
  • Implementation by AV MEDIA involved: 54 people

Acknowledgements by the client

Dear Martina,

Now, with a little bit of time after the event (and travelling to the next one), I really must say, that you and your team did a great job at the event. Especially the teamwork with our teams was phantastic and really solving-oriented. We all appreciated very much working with you and I am sure it wasn’t the last time.

You wrote, „thanks for being brave“ and I must say it was one of the best decisions I made during the project. Thank you very much again and a very very big „Thanks!!“ to your team and especially Michal!!

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards

Sascha Ackermann | Geschäftsführer
e-team Veranstaltungsorganisation GmbH

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