Retail Summit Conference 2015

Another highly successful encounter of the leading retail market players took place at the beginning of February in the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague.

The mission of the Retail Summit is to provide interesting and inspiring speeches by Czech and international entrepreneurs, managers and experts, who discuss the opportunities and optimum conditions for business on the Central European market. Highly valuable for the visitors is the exchange of views and experiences of these specialists, with whom they can establish both formal and informal communication.

This year, the largest business conference in Central Europe was attended by more than a thousand visitors and nearly a hundred of thought-provoking speakers. The key topic of this year’s two-day conference was “Searching for the New Paths”, which is a prerequisite for success in retail business. The market situation implies that old recipes producing success in the past by bringing the desired results need no longer work at present. Searching for new paths and a holistic continuous innovation of all aspects of retail business is therefore a must for succeeding.

AV MEDIA as dependable technological PARTNER

The technical and technological support for the event was traditionally provided by AV MEDIA. We completely equipped not only the main conference hall, but also additional 4 small lounges, in which various workshops and discussions took place during the second day, which were much more interesting and valuable for the audience thanks to interactive technologies. Panoramic projection at 28.5 x 6 m was installed in the main conference hall, together with two additional adjacent screens. Panoramic projection provided the record number of participants with an ultimate experience from the conference, fulfilling the expectations not only of the event’s organizer, the company Blue Events, but also of those of the partners, who were perfectly able to present their business visions.

AV MEDIA also provided for sound in the entire hall, interpreting to three world languages and the lighting that pleasantly complemented the atmosphere.

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