SAB Miller Conference

One of the world's largest companies operating in the beer market, SAB Miller, organized a global conference held in Prague for its two divisions.

AV MEDIA looked after the smooth running of the technical support, ensuring the conference part at the InterContinental hotel, and the accompanying programme at the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle.

Complete technical support and service

The three-day conference was held at the Prague Intercontinental hotel, with its distinctive low ceilings and decorative chandeliers. Therefore, when preparing the projection we had to take all these features into account while preparing the conference room in accordance with the requirements of a client. This is why we opted to use a 16-metre partition wall with seamless material on it, where we installed two rear projectors.  The projection screen was supplemented by two plasma displays, which served for displaying chats and voting.  AV MEDIA further ensured the complete sound system including the lectern, scenic and affect lighting and recorded broadcasts for the whole 3-day conference.

Accompanying programme at Lobkowicz Palace

As part of the conference, the 5-category “CATO” competition took place at Lobkowicz Palace, a competition on the best work in Corporate Affairs. Due to the specific client request insisting on maintaining a view of Old Prague, there was a large amount of light bleed.  This is why we used a frameless plasma display on a printed partition wall for the projection. We also ensured the stage here as well, the complete sound system including the lectern, lighting effects of the beautiful historical space and plasma viewing displays.

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