Staropramen staff conference in oneAVstudio

Employee conferences are an important event for many companies.

All employees across regions or countries meet regularly to discuss the company's fundamental values, analyze the previous year's performance, or exchange motivation and goals for future years.

Under "standard" circumstances, employees would meet in suitable premises and attend the event in person. But it has been more than a year since we have been living in the so-called "new normal" that follows quite a different set of rules. How to ensure that the event occurs and the employees meet, connect, discuss, and share essential matters despite the fast-changing restrictions?

We can deal with last-minute changes!

At the moment, the conference organizers face a lot of uncertainties - from the impossibility of meeting in large numbers in any conference space to adhering to restrictions that change very often.

The ŠAFY production agency, which organized this year's business conference for Staropramen Breweries, also dealt with this inconvenience. To organize the event, they chose an online meeting variant. Until the last moment, due to the ongoing pandemic, it was not clear how many participants will be present in the studio and how many remote participants we will be able to connect to the online programme. However, thanks to the flexibility of the connection from anywhere, this was not a problem. We can add any number of speakers and attendees to the broadcast, and they can communicate with the moderators in the studio without any delay.

Online conference in oneAVstudio

For Staropramen brewery, we pre-recorded the most important presentations before the event.

The event itself was broadcasted on the conference day from our oneAVstudio in Harfa. This is where live streaming is interlaced with pre-recorded content. Pre-recorded content has several advantages - if the speaker is nervous, he can repeat his speech and is not limited in any way by the live broadcast. Another advantage is the time - the speaker may have a busy schedule and would not be able to attend in person on the day of the event - by pre-recording his speech, he avoids these collisions, and guests do not lose necessary entry to the event. The last key benefit is also the availability of pre-recorded footage. Some of the participants may become ill and could not perform in a live session. By creating pre-recorded materials, various inconveniences can be avoided.

Even in the online environment, interaction is an important aspect. An event application was chosen to support employees' engagement through various online tools, including pooling in which the employees participated.

The online format served its purpose perfectly. Thanks to the recorded content and the ability to connect from anywhere, employees could meet safely.

Jan Šafář from the ŠAFY production agency evaluated the event positively: "Cooperation with you, especially Filip and Michal, is always excellent. Both of them have been our strong support since the start of project preparations. They will always willingly take the time to consult and solve even the smallest details."

The client from Pivovary Staropramen was also satisfied: "Your entire team helped us with the planning and thus helped the event run very smoothly."

We have been cooperating with the ŠAFY production agency for a long time. For our project manager Filip, this Cooperation is a guarantee of security and a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to maintaining our trustworthy cooperation in the future!

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