Syngenta Customer Conference 2014

Untraditional scenography elements, an innovative design and use of modern technologies; another year of the Syngenta Customer Conference.

AV MEDIA rented and ensured the technical equipment and the total solutions for the conference.

Innovative Ideas with Modern Technologies

AV MEDIA implemented yet another untraditional range of AV solutions at the end of January and the beginning of February. This involved technically equipping a customer conference for Syngenta, which is a leader in manufacturing and researching agents for protecting agricultural crops. The latest conference introduced the latest and newest trends in the field. Nearly 2,000 specialists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated in this years’ road show in Prague, Brno, Košice and Nitra.

Two Different Technological Solutions

AV MEDIA ensured the entire technology and technological services in all areas. This year's conference was very innovative, as always, using modern technology and non-traditional scenography elements. The conference topics for the Czech and Slovak markets were different, and therefore it was necessary to offer two different solutions. In Prague and Brno the stage was dominated by forty frameless LCD displays, where we had the surface specially made for this action using Easy Stretch inflatable light decorations in the shape of molecules. To relieve the strain on the conference part and involve the participants, Human Joystick technology was used when the auditorium was divided into two parts to control interactive games on the projection wall using hand movements.

Solutions for the Slovak part of the road show was represented by the large screen projection in the 16:9 format, Fog Screen projection on dry fog at the entrance to the hall and other types inflatable light decorations, this time in the form of a bee honeycomb. We projected professional thematic video throughout the conference, for which AV MEDIA prepared subtitles and dubbing for the Czech and Slovak parts. An integral part of all imaging systems was also the content which was produced.


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