Video Mapping on the Astronomical Clock

The Old Town Astronomical Clock “came alive” on Saturday 9 October 2010 with a special projection mapping its development.

The programme lasting 10 minutes could be seen every half hour by Prague residents and visitors alike, from 19.30 to 22.00.  The viewers could be reminded of the most famous milestones in the history of the medieval astronomical clock. The visual projection presented the Astronomical Clock from its inception, to the Hussite Wars, from the German occupation to the execution of 27 Czech lords. Thanks to an optical effect, the viewers were even able to see inside the clock. Thousands of amazed viewers watched the evening projection.

Unique Technology

Video mapping has no problem projecting on buildings, and as such, it was screened directly on the Old Town Hall, directly on the south side of the building.

The clever interplay of light and shadows created an impression of time passing. The illusion of rain was so convincing that some had to look to check it was not raining. Using animations, ivy grew on the astronomical clock tower, was decorated with banners or its stones were shaking during the wars. The Prague production company, Tomato Production, made the proposal and the screenplay was done in cooperation with The Macula Group, which primarily deals with mapping production, and the project technology was provided by AV Media, a.s.


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