Videoconference live broadcasting from operation in Motol

“Osteotomy Day” was organized by Arthrex in Motol University Hospital. AV MEDIA provided unique videoconference live broadcasting from mobile lab and operating room.

The priority tasks of health care services include a flawless, high quality care. However, also tools and procedures are in search that reduce costs incurred when providing such services. To name a few, this concerns an efficient unified communication supporting the healthcare in various practical situations. Both individuals and groups can use remote communication, data sharing, discussions and interactive remarks inserted into materials in the form of text records or visualized thoughts.

The Osteotomy Day took place at the Orthopaedic Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University at the University Hospital in Motol. Thanks to the videoconference broadcasting, the physicians sitting in the cinema room of the University Hospital in Motol could watch live transmissions of operations during which they were able to pose questions directly to the operating surgeon.

AV MEDIA provided 2 independent videoconference circuits between the operating room and the cinema room and between the mobile lab and the cinema room. This connection was based on a point-to-point videoconference and the resulting image was sent through a video switch to the projector in the hall according to the momentary request. The connection to the operating room used a couple of Cisco codecs (C40 and SX20), that to the mobile lab a couple of Polycom codecs (Group 500 and HDX 8000). Both connections were based on the local network at the Motol Hospital with a symmetric rate of 4000 kbps with a resolution of 1920x1080p 60fps, by which a top level image quality was achieved.

A couple of robotic cameras were used within the operating room including switching to the local X-ray image. In the mobile lab, image was delivered from a camera and an endoscope. The workshop participants were naturally able to pose questions to the operating staff during the operation.

The cinema room accommodated a control desk, at which experts from AV MEDIA received the signal from both locations and switched the resulting image to the projector.

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