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Expo Milano 2015

Come and visit the Universal Exposition EXPO Milan from May to October, where more than 140 countries will be presenting.


Realization: 2015
Category: Events

This year focuses on key sustainable development issues and wants to become a global opportunity for presenting and comparing traditional or innovative approaches to producing and growing food. The central idea is the question of how to ensure that all the residents of the planet have access to enough high-quality safe food and drinking water.

As part of the world exposition, AV MEDIA is involved in providing technical solutions for the Czech pavilion. Specifically, this involved the travelling part, where presentations on individual regions were changed over a two-week period as well as the thematic section. The second half of May was dedicated to the first of the regions introduced, the region of South Moravia and the city of Brno. Folk music, dance and wine tastings of Moravian wines were attractions in front of the Czech pavilion.

The concept was focused on science and culture, and consistent with the central theme of EXPO 2015 “Food for the planet, energy for life”. Visitors could find out that the South Moravian region not only offers beautiful nature and wine, but that it is also a strong region in terms of science, research and innovation. AV MEDIA supported the presentation of the first region by supplying an interactive display, where visitors could play several different interactive games, microscopic peepholes or LCD panels. A big part of our supplies were the contents for individual technologies.

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