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Prague hosted ANOC General Assembly

Representatives of all Olympic commissions from around the world met in Prague for several days of meetings.


Realization: 2017
Category: Events

ANOC is an association of national Olympic commissions from 206 countries around the world. Two years ago Prague hosted the General Assembly of European Olympic commissions, and this year the event took on a global format. AV MEDIA provided the technology for the two-day General Assembly, ANOC commission meetings and the gala evening with ANOC Awards.

The event officially opened in the foyer of the Hilton Prague. The main meetings and General Assembly took place in the hotel’s two largest conference rooms. The main conference room featured a triple projection using Panasonic PT-DZ21K and 4K+ PT-RQ32K. We secured 206 microphones for the conference – one for each member country – and 38 wireless microphones for the Board members. Interpreting was provided into six languages, and AV MEDIA organized the interpreter booths and other equipment.

For several days the Hilton lounges became offices for delegates from all 206 countries. All members had a desk, office equipment and a printer. AV MEDIA organized complete branding for the hotel, including digital signage.

The event culminated in this year’s ANOC Awards, directed by Michal Caban, celebrating the performances of the best athletes each continent has to offer. The gala evening took place in the Forum Karlin and was broadcast by Česká televize. AV MEDIA provided the lighting, sound and 96 m2 LED wall.

The General Assembly was a success, and now it is time to focus on the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Once again AV MEDIA will be working with the Czech Olympic Commission to prepare the Olympic parks this year. Find out more at https://www.olympijskeparky.cz/.

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