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Teleconference for CardioACADEMY

In cooperation with AIM Group International - Prague office, we have prepared a two-day long-distance conference via Cisco Webex cloud conference environment.


AIM Group International - Prague office

Realization: 2019
Category: Events

The cardiology conference took place physically in the elegant Grand Ballroom Dvořák at the Hilton Prague Old Town Hotel and was attended by 200 participants. Content from the Hilton Hotel was broadcasted online to 218 registered conference participants who were mainly from Eastern Europe and watched in larger groups on round tables. At the end of the course, the participants were awarded credits according to the monitored activity.

Webex is a cloud conferencing environment that is able to provide conference connectivity of up to thousands of participants for mutual cooperation, presentation, training, webinar or listening presentation. The broadcast content can be recorded and stored for later use. Also provides complete statistics.

And what are the advantages of an online conference? Certainly, thanks to modern technology, the conference participants can watch it from the comfort of their home or office and does not have to travel to the other side of the world. This type of conference is also environmentally friendly - reducing the need to travel by plane or other transportation.

More information: www.cardioacademy.org

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