The 74th meeting of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

The 74th general meeting of the European Broadcasting Union took place at the National Museum in Prague at the end of June, co-organized by Czech Radio and Czech Television.

Almost two hundred representatives of senior management of public broadcasters from 65 European countries met in the Czech capital.  The task of the general meeting, the highest decision-making body of the EBU, was to set the overall strategy for joint development.

Representatives discussed the worldwide public media’s digitization and the development of technology. In addition to assessing the effect of recent years, public financing of institutions and questions surrounding new methods of broadcasting were on the agenda.

Thorough preparation of audio-visual solutions 

In light of the fact that this was a prestigious project, preparation started a year in advance. After many negotiations with the representatives from Czech Radio, Czech Television and the EBU headquarters, AV MEDIA, a.s. was chosen as the technical guarantor.

A basic visual element of the former Chamber of Nations was the spectacular, precisely produced scene with 3D elements from the workshop of Petr Vídeňská and his team. A wide-screen projection measuring 12 m under-lit by LED technology was implemented. Sufficient power was provided by 2 Full HD Panasonic DZ21K projectors. Robe lighting effects was able to change the atmosphere at the meeting. The check-in of all signals, including 4 cameras transferring ČT, was provided by the new graphics directed by a Barco Encore E2. In view of the necessary processing of many diverse signals, the park graphic suited AV MEDIA. The speaker system L-Acoustics KIVA was used for the sound system in the hall, which could handle relatively high elevations.

AV MEDIA can add the reactions of the participants and the final very positive evaluation from the organizers of the meeting to their successful projects, and was more precious due to the fact that it involved the public sector.

About the European Broadcasting Union

EBU, based in Geneva, is the largest international association uniting European and non-European public media. It represents 74 active members and promotes the importance of public media on European and global levels. It facilitates cooperation between individual broadcasters, for instance audio-visual content from music to news coverage; members provide legal advice and defend their interests in the European Union. EBU closely cooperates with other institutions, such as UNESCO and develops relationships with other international unions of broadcasters. Czech Radio and Czech Television have been active members since 1993.

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